About John Procter

    John Procter makes and repairs stringed instruments for the most discerning clients. His refined yet eclectic craftsmanship has earned him the position of one of the most sought after repairers in the business today.

    John Procter is an accomplished, experienced and versatile stringed instrument maker and repairer based in the UK today. At the tender age of 16, John set out to craft and built his first ever guitar in his Dads workshop in Taunton Somerset. John has continued with his passion for making and repairing stringed instruments ever since.

    John is recognised as a fine maker, player and innovator. He has worked as an individual luthier, in small workshops as well as had experience in large commercial environments.

    Work and Principles

    • Being meticulous and efficient
    • Be an excellent problem solver
    • Endeavour to complete all jobs to the highest standard
    • Carry out work to meet the most urgent of deadlines
    • Maintain fair and honest prices

    John now runs his own fully functional workshop in South East London where he offers an instrument making course. It’s an open ended one to one course, once or twice a week, where John takes you through the building of a ukulele. It covers all the same principles as guitar making. The cost is £1200 and you finish the course taking away the knowledge of making and repairing as well as your own completed instrument.

    Building a Viola

    Enjoy the complete build process of a viola.


    John’s clients cover all sectors and ages. For over 12 years he has been enlisted to carry out repairs on instruments for schools in the boroughs of:-

    • Southwark
    • Lewisham
    • Lambeth
    • Westminster

    John is committed to his belief that young people should be encouraged to learn musical instruments in schools.


    John greets all clients with warmth and enthusiasm and  knows that instruments are for the pleasure of the people that own them.

    John shares his love of music and playing with his clients and has organised live events and gigs for those musicians who dare.

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