December 8, 2014

Tanglewood Guitars

Tanglewood Guitars

About the author : Dave Morse

I am now an official distributor of Tanglewood guitars.
For many years I have bought stringed instruments to restore and and sell on as a sideline to my work.
I have in the past worked for many music shops and had always thought a room full of instruments was a room full of dreams.

I have discovered that while there will always be room for buying vintage and rare instruments there is nothing quite like buying a brand new one that sounds sweet and fresh. Something that you can put your own fingerprint to.

I found that below a certain price range second hand guitars were really not desirable things no matter how well they were set up or how sweet they sounded.

I needed to find a range of new guitars
that suited everybody’s needs.

Through my 20 years experience with restoring, repairing, playing and selling guitars there has become one name that people really appreciate. Tanglewood. These instruments are made to such a high standard that the idea of getting a custom made guitar seems way too excessive to be a viable option. (A bit sad really for guitar makers)
The fact is people just don’t seem to have the money these days.

But not to worry, that’s why I chose to stock Tanglewood.

If you are thinking of upgrading or you are a bit tired and uninspired by your old guitar pick up one of my Tanglewoods and see if it doesn’t charge your whole perception.
Be inspired again. Or just come and say hello.


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